Self-harm is when people deliberately hurt themselves as a way of coping up with painful or tempestuous. It’s a way of trying to get control over the feelings or relief from them. But is it good for the youth or our future generation? The answer is a big ‘NO”. For some people, the attempt to control or stop feelings through self-harm is actually a way of trying to heal themselves. Other people do self-harm so they may ‘feel something’ rather than feeling nothingness or emptiness. Some people do self-harm to express feelings of hopelessness.

Some  teenagers and young people deal  with strong emotions in less obvious but still
serious ways.. The most common forms 
of this behavior are cutting and burning. 
The least common forms of self-harm include 
pulling out bodily hairs, punching walls 
and ingesting toxic substances or sharp objectsThere are several reasons of self-harm

  • Feeling emotionally disconnected from or invalidated by their parents
  • Want to "fit in" within a particular peer group that encourages and rewards self-harming behaviour
  • Feeling emotionally dead inside or feeling invisible in their parents' eyes. Self-harm makes them feel alive inside and helps confirm their existence in reality.
  • For girls, self-harm may be used as a coping strategy with overly demanding parents, especially in situations where the father is the dominant voice when it comes to discipline and decision-making

 Here is a short video you can checkout on self harm-


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